Section of the first quarter to return home prices
  (000002.SZ) (2202.HK) to return to domestic housing prices by RMB144.63 billion in sales in the first quarter, according to a report released by China Merchants Group Co., Ltd. (CRIC), China's professional real estate consultancy, Sales list of the top, Country Garden (2007.HK) and China Hengda (3333.HK) separation of the second and third.

CRIC data show that Vanke sales in the first quarter increased by 99%, Country Garden and China Hengda first quarter sales of 1,452.6 billion yuan and 109.71 billion yuan, an increase of 238.8% and 67.1% respectively. Even if calculated by the equity method, the three housing prices in the first quarter sales are more than 100 billion yuan, of which 10.73 billion yuan Vanke, Country Garden and China Hengda were 104.41 billion yuan and 104.33 billion yuan.

According to sales rankings, green land (600606.SS) (60.57 billion yuan), Poly Real Estate (600048.SS) (56.81 billion yuan), China Overseas real estate (0688.HK) (50.33 billion yuan), Longhu real estate (0960.HK (34.1 billion yuan), Huaxia happiness (600340.SS) (34.01 billion yuan), Rong Chong China (1918.HK) (405.2 billion yuan) and Luneng Group (33.06 billion yuan) among the top ten.

At present, listed companies have not yet disclosed their monthly real estate sales data.

CRIC report pointed out that Vanke's project layout is more balanced, residential products also target the mainstream customers self-occupied demand, so affected by the impact of individual city purchase less. Benefited from Vanke adhere to focus on the city economic circle, the Shanghai region and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen regional strategic layout, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan and other hot cities accounted for a quarter of the larger proportion of sales. In addition, March Vanke Beijing regional sales hot, more than 10 billion yuan a month.

Country Garden's first quarter sales have completed 36% of the annual performance target of 400 billion. Benefited from the first quarter of three or four lines of the city's hot sales, the main layout of the three or four lines of the country's Country Garden performance also increased significantly. It is noteworthy that, by the end of last year, Country Garden in the domestic total land reserves of 166 million square meters, 2017 is expected to total value of 616.3 billion yuan. In terms of the current completion rate of Country Garden and the value of the whole year of 2017, the sales target of $ 400 billion is relatively conservative.

As of the end of March, Hengda completed 24.4% of the annual sales target of 450 billion. Although Hengda's current sales slightly lower than the Country Garden and Vanke, but with the Hengda second quarter of a new push plate project a substantial increase in Hengda future sales will have an explosive growth.