US stocks rally or close to the peak is still expected to rise in the future
  Reuters survey of strategists show that in the United States President Trump will stimulate the economy's optimistic expectations of the US stock market rally or close to the highest point, the survey strategists expect from now to the end of US stocks rose less than 3%.

US stocks rose since the November 8 US election, the S & P 500 index. SPX rose to a lot of people think that too high levels, some strategists said the stock market this year, the trend depends largely on whether the new government can promote tax Reform and other adjustments.

Republican leaders on Friday to withdraw the health care system reform bill, which means that Trump took office since the first major legislative bill ended in failure.

Some investors believe that the collapse of the Medicare bill will help push the tax reform, but last week around the motion controversy led to the stock market fell.

Since the US election, the cumulative increase in the S & P 500 index was as high as 12%, on March 1 hit 2,400 points intraday high, the current cumulative increase of about 9%.

Reuters surveyed over 40 strategists in the median forecast shows that the S & P 500 index will reach 2,355 points by 2017, 2017 will be at the end of 2,425 points, compared with Tuesday's income rose only 2.8%, but more than 2016 closing point Up about 8%.

The S & P 500 has risen about 5% this year.

Julian Emanuel, executive director of UBS Securities and derivatives in New York, said the stock market has reflected the impact of a "strong" growth plan.

"But these plans are not yet fully implemented, the devil is implementing details," Emanuel said, expecting the S & P 500 to close at 2,300 points by the end of the year and call him "cautious" views on short-term movements in the stock market.

However, the above estimate is higher than the median of 2,350 in December, some banks have raised their target points. Credit Suisse has raised the S & P 500 at the end of 2017 from 2,300 points to 2,500.